Smartmile Joins the Curiosity Lab Ecosystem Bringing its First U.S. Deployment to Peachtree Corners

A man typing on a screen on the front of a smart locker.

As a smart city, our team is always in search of innovative and sustainable collaborations. Our ecosystem continues to grow with our newest member, Smartmile.  Based in Finland and the Netherlands, this international collaboration with Curiosity Lab will allow Smartmile to evaluate the American market before launching its solution in the United States. This will be Smartmile’s first U.S. deployment. Bringing their mission of providing neutral, sustainable and effective last-mile delivery services to the Peachtree Corners community, Curiosity Lab is excited to welcome the new startup to the smart city ecosystem.

Diagram of people and green symbols and Smartmile logo

Smartmile’s solution aims to eliminate the environmental footprint of delivery systems by filling the missing link between carriers, stakeholders, cities and individuals involved in the delivery process. Founded by Aku Happo and Steffen Luippold, the team established the first parcel locker system in Finland. Through their services, the Smartmile team works to connect and optimize the delivery industry. Smartmile’s technologies connect cities through their parcel locker system, reducing congestion, retailer overload and delivery times. By eliminating the middleman through this delivery solution, Smartmile creates fewer stops and fewer failed deliveries for an efficient delivery experience. Along with improving delivery systems for couriers, Smartmile improves the delivery process for retailers, restaurants and individuals.

Diagram of deliveries to the Smartmile lockers showing zero net CO2 emissions.

Smartmile’s parcel solutions work to minimize excess CO2 from traditional delivery routes through the reduction of stops per vehicle. This practice supports a cleaner environment for communities near and far. Smartmile also encourages customers to pick up and return packages via bike, further promoting a more eco-friendly system. This mission supports Peachtree Corners’ own sustainability initiatives, making Smartmile the perfect fit for our smart city.

With 250 Smartmile hubs scattered and thriving throughout Europe, the Curiosity Lab team is excited to have this new technology in Peachtree Corners. In addition to providing testing opportunities, Peachtree Corners will give Smartmile the chance to expand its courier and industry partners.

A man typing on a screen on the front of a smart locker.

“Their solutions not only support the city’s sustainability initiatives but also help to reduce delivery congestion, retailer overload and delivery times. As a smart city, we are always searching for companies and solutions that improve the daily lives of our residents, and we are looking forward to seeing the positive impact of Smartmile’s solutions in Peachtree Corners,” says Curiosity Lab Executive Director Brandon Branham. After testing and refining Smartmile’s technology, the company plans to launch its innovative delivery solutions further into the United States markets.

Peachtree Corners is passionate about sustainable technology partnerships and showcasing international collaborations, and we are excited to welcome Smartmile to our city. Learn more about Smartmile and their last-mile parcel delivery solutions at and see the full press release here.