International Launchpad

International Launchpad

The Silicon Orchard is a hotspot for international companies launching into the North American market. From Europe and Asia to the Middle East, tech developers and government-led trade entities are flocking to Peachtree Corners due to community resources and accessibility. In addition to companies, numerous countries spanning from Japan, Switzerland, and Germany to Saudi Arabia, Ireland, and Canada have sent official delegations to explore the smart city ecosystem at Peachtree Corners for near-future collaboration.

When international companies use the Curiosity Lab for either testing or demonstration purposes, they become part of a community of innovators who are all continuously working to support one another in their business and technology developments. Find out more about our international companies below.

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Meet Our International Companies


ACiiST offers seamless, scalable, secure ethernet networking infrastructure technology for smart cities.  ACiiST’s distributed switching technology upgrades cities with broadband networks and electricity ready to connect rich content sensors, cameras, displays, or any other IoT device with a secure high-performing network everywhere without the disruption and costs typical to alternatives. ACiiST offers a scalable network with improved reliability, higher performance, and enhanced security. All with a non-disruptive installation, dramatic cost reduction of the alternatives followed by improved support and maintenance.


Brodmann17’s AI is revolutionizing safety in mobility. The company’s computer-vision-centered technology saves 95% of computing power. This huge saving in cost has brought AI for the very first time to new verticals including mass-market passenger vehicles, video telematics, and micro-mobility.


Patent-pending AI-based video analytics technology delivers the highest detection accuracy with special algorithms that detect events even in the harshest visual conditions.  Cawamo’s technology is a web-based solution and can be used via any browser or mobile phone, allowing the installer to add new clients and configure new services in minutes.  It can also send push notifications using our mobile application on Android or iOS.


Cyber 2.0 is the only system in the world that provides total defense against the spread of cyber-attacks within organizational networks.  The latest Information Security Systems are based on anomaly detection, AV signatures, and more to study the behavior of the various malware and their methods of operation to prevent them from damaging your information. It is the only system in the world that uses accurate mathematical models, and the heart of the system is based on Chaos theory.


The Cynamics SaaS-based solution doesn’t require any changes to your network. No appliances or agent installation is needed, and it’s non-intrusive, so there’s no risk.  Our solution is agnostic to your network hardware and architectures and collects radically small traffic samples from every network device or VPC, no matter if it’s a legacy router, a private cloud, or a public cloud, using standard sampling protocols that are built into every network device.

French American Chamber of Commerce

The French American Chamber of Commerce of Atlanta (FACC-Atlanta) is a non-profit, non-governmental, and member-driven organization founded in 1985. We are funded solely through membership dues, event revenue, and trade services.  We are part of a network of 18 French-American Chambers in the United States representing more than 5,000 companies nationwide in all major industries, and a proud member of CCI France International, an international network of 124 French Chambers of Commerce in 95 countries, representing more than 37,000 members worldwide.


i-charging was born from the desire to create technology-based products, enhancing innovation, differentiation, design, and quality, within the most sophisticated segments of the infrastructure for electric mobility.  We want to be a technological reference for the electric mobility sector. We believe it is possible to do more, sustainably, adopting new tools and methodologies, and leveraging our know-how with global ambition.

IP Gallery

Specializes in the design, architecture, development, implementation, and deployment of mission-critical and time-critical Real-time IoT AI/ML Data-driven Smart City and Urban Mobility solutions, along with Professional Services and expertise in Data Science, Edge Compute, and 4G/5G. Solutions support Data Privacy and Protection (GDPR-ready) through the full life cycle of data which allows IPgallery to provide robust Big Data analytics, predictions, and reporting tools essential for Urban Planning and future urbanism developments. IPgallery provides tailored integrative IoT and AI/ML-based solutions that allow Cities, Municipalities, Telcos, and Mobility Service Providers to better serve by means of enhanced safety, improved day-to-day and during emergency efficiencies, and real-time predictive insights from IoT / data sources, new revenue streams, and digital transformation.

La French Tech

“La French Tech” is our startup scene here in France. It’s also a unique movement bringing together startups, investors, policymakers, and community builders. Our mission? To make France one of the greatest places in the world to launch and grow global companies that make sense for our future.


By understanding our public domains, streets, and roads we can save lives, increase our street security, build smart roads to give a supportive environment to autonomous transportation, and much more. Our mission is to collect data, and by using cutting-edge technologies to make cities truly smart. We aim to do it without the need to infringe privacy in any way, without databases, without tracking smartphones, without even knowing your license plate number.  With our ever-learning RoadBox technology we can track and count people in the public space, vehicles, and micro-mobility, ingest the data in our cloud, and deliver new and insightful information, through API or directly to your desktop with an accurate, real-time dashboard.  RoadSense devices are easily installed as roadside units, tracking the traffic in real-time while identifying incidents in a fraction of a second, such as accidents, debris on the road, vehicles stopping on the shoulders, black ice, or any other required alert. The drivers are visually alerted when approaching the danger zone.