Peachtree Corners and Curiosity Lab Partner with the Center for Innovation in Transport (CENIT) to Support the Global Development of Smart City Mobility and Technology Advancements

CENIT - Group for Innovation in Multi-modal Transport

The City of Peachtree Corners and Curiosity Lab are thrilled to partner with the Center of Innovation in Transport (CENIT), a public consortium managed between Barcelona Tech and the Regional Government of Catalonia. CENIT generates innovative solutions to city transport methods using big data and econometric analysis. Between our unique smart city technology and CENIT’s vast knowledge of the industry, our partnership will develop exciting solutions together, showcasing the development of the transportation industry worldwide.

Founded in 2001, CENIT developed within CIMNE, an engineering consortium founded in 1987 by the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). The CENIT group works to bring sustainable, safe and innovative transportation solutions to communities everywhere and acts as a think tank responding to mobility challenges worldwide. Like Curiosity Lab and Peachtree Corners, CENIT has similar goals to promote safety, comfort and environmental sustainability through technology research and focuses on planning and designing transport systems. At Peachtree Corners, we’re always on the lookout for companies and startups who are in the business of making the world a better place, and with similar missions, this partnership was a perfect fit.

CENIT - Group for Innovation in Multi-modal Transport

“Through our partnership with CENIT, we can share our knowledge and development of cutting-edge mobility technology on an international stage, supporting smart-city initiatives around the world. We are delighted to work hands-on with CENIT to advance smart city development that could lead to breakthroughs in transportation and safety technology that will ultimately help safeguard and enrich people’s lives,” states Peachtree Corners City Manager, Brian Johnson.

At Peachtree Corners, we’re honored to promote the development, demonstration and deployment of the latest technology for the purpose of increased safety and efficiency. Partnering with CENIT will enhance our mission, promoting the development of technology on a global stage. We look forward to collaborating with CENIT on our shared learnings and what this partnership will bring in the future.

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