Where does new, innovative technology go to be tested in a real-world environment? Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners is a living laboratory for the latest technology graduating from closed courses and settings.

The Lab includes a 5G-enabled 3-mile autonomous vehicle test track and smart city laboratory within an existing 500-acre technology park where thousands of people and vehicles interact with the track and its technology every day.

Testing Infrastructure is open to all technology companies from early-stage startups to Fortune 500.
There is no cost to test.

Curious about testing?

Tell us in 140 characters or less what infrastructure is of interest and why. info@curiositylabptc.com

Test track in Curiosity Lab.

Testing provides access to the following technologies and locations:

  • 5G Wireless Environment – Powered by T-Mobile, 5G will be available to all companies testing or demonstrating on the track.¬† Companies looking to integrate with 5G will have access to subject matter experts from T-Mobile to assist them with integration into a 5G wireless environment.
  • Autonomous Test Vehicle (Level-3) – Ford Edge Open-source platform with historical data for collaboration unlike anywhere else in the country.¬† Custom mounting system with universal mounting points for autonomous hardware.
  • AV-Test Lane – Dedicated AV test lane on a 3-mile autonomous track.
  • Control Room – Located inside the Innovation Center, the laboratory control center will allow companies to view live feed activity from the track and review all data being collected from the IoT devices.
  • Cyber 2.0 Security – Provides defense against the spread of cyber-attacks within organizational networks.
  • Dedicated Short Range Communication – Four roadside units with Bluetooth and DSRC combined data collection will be available at the Laboratory Operations Center.
  • Drone Testing – Drones under 700 feet are welcome to test within the facility.
  • Fiber Optic Cable – The track has 1Gig dedicated fiber to support all IoT devices that will be tested or demonstrated.
  • Industry Connect – By testing on the track, companies will have connections to industry leaders in fields associated with smart cities, IoT, and mobility.
  • Innovation Center – 25,000 ft2¬†Innovation Center Including Offices, Workshop/Design Lab, Classroom, and Event Space.
  • Lidar Solutions – Light detection and ranging is the apex of mapping technology that uses eye-safe laser beams to see the world in 3D, providing machines and computers with an accurate representation of the surveyed environment.
  • Roadways – The road, sidewalk, and right-of-way are owned by the City. Slight elevation changes, a curving alignment, and tall, mature trees provide a unique testing environment. One section of the track has a 13 percent grade.
  • Smart Poles – Smart poles with the capability and availability to hang and test new technologies.
  • Traffic Light – A three-way intersection equipped with an intelligent traffic signal.
  • Track Mapping – High-definition map of the test track will be available for companies testing and demonstrating on the track.
  • Video Surveillance – Video cameras along the corridor will provide surveillance from the Laboratory Operations Center and additional data through IoT software.
LiDar and vehicle on Curiosity Lab test track.