Seoul Robotics Brings 3D Perception Technology to Peachtree Corners, Establishing Curiosity Lab as United States Office

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At Curiosity Lab, our goal is to partner with startups and established companies that develop innovative technologies to improve our daily lives. We’re honored to welcome our newest company, Seoul Robotics, to the Curiosity Lab community and Silicon Orchard. Founded in 2017, Seoul Robotics began with a mission to change the world using their 3D perception technology, and after establishing themselves in South Korea, moving into the U.S. market was the next step for Seoul Robotics as they continue their international expansion. Curiosity Lab is excited to be named a Seoul Robotics U.S. office as they continue to enter and expand into the U.S. market.

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Utilizing their patented SENSR™ technology, Seoul Robotics leads the future of 3D perception tools. Seoul Robotics provides the most accurate and reliable product in their field using deep learning AI with unique weather-filtering capabilities. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Seoul Robotics’ latest technology is the range of life-changing solutions it offers. From Intelligent Transport Systems, security solutions, autonomous mobility enhancements, smart city solutions and more, the company continues to provide innovative solutions to several modern day issues.

Group of people posing for a picture.
Seoul Robotics team visits Curiosity Lab to tour the innovation center and our smart city.


At Curiosity Lab specifically, we are looking forward to deploying Seoul Robotics’ 3D perception tools as smart city solutions. The company’s sensor-agnostic solutions make managing roadways easier for city managers by improving traffic efficiency, safety and more. Using their SENSR™ technology and LiDAR, the company can identify and track multiple objects at once, like cars and pedestrians, to create 3D models and real-time perception of roadways and interactions. This is then used to identify ways to improve traffic and pedestrian flow. For example, city managers will be able to identify if an intersection needs to be restructured, if a roadway needs to be widened, if a sidewalk needs to be added and more based on real-world data. As Seoul Robotics deploys these solutions in our real-world environment, they will be able to continuously advance their technologies for full-scale deployment.

We’re proud to have Seoul Robotics joining us at Curiosity Lab and cannot wait to witness Seoul Robotics continue to develop their technologies and positively impact communities across the U.S. and the globe. For more information on Seoul Robotics’ latest deployments and technology, visit Read more about Seoul Robotics joining the Curiosity Lab here.