City of Peachtree Corners Hosts First Ever U.S. Pro Cycling Speed Week Criterium to Test New C-V2X Technology

Three cyclists on the podium, one with the trophy.

The City of Peachtree Corners and Curiosity Lab kicked off our first-ever U.S. Pro Cycling Criterium bike race with a bang! This Criterium was not your average bike race—cyclists traveled worldwide to meet in Peachtree Corners on April 26th to participate in the first-ever bike race demonstrating C-V2X technology built to protect cyclists on our roadways. The races included everything from men’s and women’s pro races, amateur races and even a kids race. Covered by Fox 5 News, CBS46, PeachtreeTV, 11Alive and WSB-TV, the Criterium was a memorable and well-captured event for all.

Nearly 1,000 cyclists die each year, and over 130,000 are injured due to roadside crashes. This shocking statistic has been a motivator for Peachtree Corners to make our roadways safer using groundbreaking technologies, and partnering with Spoke to showcase their life-saving technology throughout the Criterium was a no-brainer.

Spoke is working to transform rider connectivity and improve roadway safety through their VRU2X technology. This race showcased their VRU2X systems for cyclists and attendees to share how this technology will save lives across the globe. Spoke’s VRU2X solutions address the issue of pedestrian safety, otherwise known as vulnerable road users (VRUs), and leverages C-V2X technologies that allow cyclists to communicate with cars, traffic infrastructure and vice versa. With the help of a small removable unit the size of a deck of cards, this solution allows both groups to be alerted of the other before the human eye can detect them and includes information on the direction and distance of approaching VRUs. Spoke partner, Audi, brings the connected vehicle aspect of this solution to life with their vehicle using embedded C-V2X technology to continue to test and develop this solution.

Although this Criterium was used to showcase the use case for cyclists, this technology can be used by virtually anyone to create safer roadways for all. From kids walking to school, motorcyclists and runners in your community, this technology has the potential to make roadways safer for VRUs and drivers. And the incredible versatility of Spoke’s technology was demonstrated throughout the Criterium.

Three cyclists on the podium, one with the trophy.

Groups of cyclists in the race were all provided with one of Spoke’s latest units to attach to their bikes, in addition to the lead and rear motorcycle brigade managing the race. Throughout the race, the technology showcased direct communication between cars, motorcycles and cyclists, demonstrating to community members in real-time how these devices improve overall roadside safety for all. Between the races, Spoke explained their technology in detail for cyclists and attendees and held numerous demonstrations with bikes and the Audi vehicle. While the demonstrations were taking place, the screen the bikers see and the alerts on the car dash drivers see were relayed on the big screen for attendees to view in real-time.

Speed Week, USA cycling, and Curiosity Lab Criterium logos.

In addition to showcasing life-changing technology, the Criterium had vendors and activities for community members and spectators. An array of other C-V2X technologies were showcased on the streets of Peachtree Corners for spectators to witness in our Tech Alley. Here, attendees were able to experience Beep’s autonomous shuttle and understand how Commsignia’s C-V2X technologies help improve autonomous vehicle safety by alerting vehicles of oncoming traffic, pedestrians and more. Attendees were also able to view Curiosity Lab’s deployed video analytics and lidar solutions that help manage traffic and intersections, making Peachtree Corners roadways more efficient by managing congestion, improving pedestrian safety and supporting sustainability initiatives. Curiosity Lab even brought some of the Gita robots that help users move luggage or packages, for the public to experience.

Curiosity Lab Criterium 2023.

Our teams at Peachtree Corners and Curiosity Lab couldn’t be more proud to have Spoke and Audi’s technology being showcased on our streets. This event supports our mission of a safer tomorrow for all communities and proves we can always work to make our roadways safer for VRUs and drivers.

Cyclists at the starting line of the Curiosity Lab Criterium.

The Criterium was a great example of how the City of Peachtree Corners and Curiosity Lab work together to encourage innovation that improves the everyday lives of residents. Through our smart city blueprint, the City of Peachtree Corners provides a glimpse into the future of what a safer future looks like through technology. Our team hopes to inspire other communities around the globe to follow and utilize technology for a better, safer tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who helped put this event together and our sponsors!

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