History of Technology Park Atlanta: Then and Now

Front of Peachtree Corners City Hall

As Curiosity Lab heads into 2023, we realize it is not only a time to reflect on our future as a community but a time to reflect on our past. Without our rich history of entrepreneurs, risk-takers, innovators and bright thinkers, the opportunity to host some of the latest cutting-edge technology, as well as some of the most intelligent minds in the tech industry, would not exist.

Test track in Curiosity Lab.

Our story began with a Georgia Tech Graduate by the name of Paul Duke in the 1960s. As Duke began to realize the surplus of talent in the metro Atlanta area, but the lack of technology job opportunities to fulfill that talent, he began to look for inspiration. Taking ideas from the Research Triangle area of North Carolina, Duke set to work constructing office buildings in an area 20 miles from the city, with the intention of filling them with tech companies. This area supported by Duke grew to be known today as Technology Park Atlanta, which became the first of its kind in the state of Georgia.

One of the most notable technological deployments that came out of Technology Park was in April of 1977. The creation of the first PC modem by Georgia Tech graduate Dennis Hayes and business partner Dale Heatherington goes down in Technology Park history. Hayes joined only three others in Georgia’s Technology Hall of Fame following this deployment. This innovation set the tone for Technology Park, with the colored printer being invented and Scientific Atlanta, now Cisco, also being founded here.

Without individuals like Duke, Hayes, and Heatherington to lay the foundation of technological innovation in Peachtree Corners, we might not be where we are today!

Since the origin story of Technology Park, our community has grown to include 500 acres of land, 10,000 employees, 2,000 residents and more. Growing together with the City of Peachtree Corners, a total of 45,000 residents and 45,000 jobs creates a unique opportunity to bring the community into our world of innovation. Members of the community often work where they live and send their children to nearby schools. Many community members even volunteer, continuing to make our home a better place. These factors create an increased sense of belonging and loyalty for those who call the City of Peachtree Corners their home.

Due to the location of Peachtree Corners and Technology Park being just outside of Metro Atlanta, there is never a lack of incoming bright minds to our sector of innovation. This creates a highly competitive, high-performing environment within our tech community. At the center of Peachtree Corners, Curiosity Lab hosts the testing of the latest technology, launching innovation in real-world situations, with real people, in a safe way. These techniques create an ecosystem where technology and residents can thrive safely.

This is where our story began, but nowhere close to where it will end! Starting in 2023, we realize that to know where we’re headed, we must look back to see how far we’ve come. We’re extremely lucky to have places like Peachtree Corners, Technology Park, and Curiosity Lab to bring the newest technology to the world we live in. We are looking forward to continuing to improve our city with the latest smart city technologies.