Curiosity Lab Supports Partners at The Most Influential Tech Event In The World: CES

Four men in a group with a bicycle talking about C-V2X technology

Curiosity Lab kicked off the new year full throttle, supporting partners at the one of the largest and most influential technology conferences in the world, CES. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association, this annual conference features every aspect of the tech sector and acts as the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators.

The building where CES 2023 was held

CES showcases companies from a variety of verticals and sectors, including developers, suppliers, manufacturers, technology delivery systems, hardware and more. Here, the world’s largest brands, groundbreaking startups and growing companies showcase their latest tech, meet new partners and hear from the world’s sharpest innovators. Each year companies use this event to announce their latest technologies to set the tone for the year. This year in 2023, an estimated 100,000 people were in attendance.

Five people from Curiosity Lab posing at the CES

The team was excited to kick off the year by supporting our partners, meet with media and analysts to spread the word about our smart city and Curiosity Lab, and meet with new potential partners and startups at CES 2023.

Curiosity Lab started the event supporting our partners at their vehicle unveilings. Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA) is Canada’s national association representing OEM producers of advanced technology, equipment, supplies and tools for the global automotive industry. This year, they held the global reveal of its concept prototype zero emissions vehicle, Project Arrow.

The Project Arrow vehicle aims to showcase Canadian engineering, manufacturers, and design, with over 50 Canadian OEMs used to build out the vehicle. Canada has not launched a global automaker in 100 years, and this concept vehicle showcases this country as a world-leading supplier as the biggest industrial collaboration project in Canadian automotive history. The all electric and zero emissions concept vehicle also highlights Canada’s green mobility initiatives.

Members of APMA's team and Curiosity Lab posing by a car.
City of Peachtree Corners City Managers, Assistant City Managers and Curiosity Lab Executive Director celebrate the unveiling of APMA’s Project Arrow vehicle.

In support of APMA and Project Arrow, Curiosity Lab attended the vehicle unveiling, sharing news of Curiosity Lab and City of Peachtree Corners being one of the two locations in the US chosen for the vehicle tour. April 11, 2023, APMA will be showcasing the Project Arrow vehicle at the City of Peachtree Corners, where major government officials from both Canada and Georgia will come together. This strengthens ties between the Southeast US, and more specifically the state of GEorgia and Canada, but also adds another solution to be proved out along our city street of the future. Curiosity Lab representatives helped spread the word of the news and spoke with multiple national and international media outlets and industry analysts including Forbes, Fierce Electronics, TechNewsWorld, IoT World, and more.

Brandon Branham speaks with Fierce Electronics Editor Matt Hambeln at APMA’s booth at CES.
Curiosity Lab Executive Director Brandon Branham speaks with Fierce Electronics Editor Matt Hambeln at APMA’s booth, discussing the Project Arrow concept vehicle and April 11 event.

In addition to supporting our partners, the Curiosity Lab team met with over 20 domestic businesses, international companies and startups to discuss deploying their technology along our city street of the future and joining Curiosity Lab’s ecosystem.

One of the exciting meetings at CES included French-based company Valeo. At CES, Valeo showcased interactive demonstrations of their up and coming smart city technology, including their Smart Pole, Pantomime and more. Valeo’s smartpole is not only a unique display, but includes an EV charging station, LED lighting and more.

Three people looking at a smart pole at CES
Valeo explains the Smart Pole technology to Curiosity Lab team members.

The Pantomime showcased groundbreaking vehicle technology that identifies road workers, emergency services, policemen and more to ensure both drivers and those helping manage traffic are safe.

A car, a traffic control man, and a digital display of that.
Curiosity Lab Strategic Partnerships and Brand Ambassador Mike Caudill tests out Valeo’s Pantomime technology in real-time.

After meeting with Valeo, the Curiosity Lab team had another fruitful meeting with Spoke, a company transforming road safety and bike/motorcycle rider connectivity through C-V2X technology. This is the first connected IoT ecosystem for vulnerable road users to deliver contextual awareness to vehicles on the road, creating a safer environment of both cyclists and cars. Spoke’s C-V2X technology easily fits on the frame or saddle area of the bike, without impacting aerodynamics of the biker. This technology then communicates with vehicles nearby, altering them of a cyclist and their location in relation to the vehicle. After an incredible meeting and demonstration, Curiosity Lab and City of Peachtree Corners is looking forward to continuing conversations around deploying this technology.

Four men in a group with a bicycle talking about C-V2X technology
Spoke team members demonstrate the C-V2X technology with a real-time biker and Audi vehicle.

To wrap up the team’s time at CES, the Curiosity Lab attended EcoMotion’s Meet the Mobility Startups event, where the team was able to continue to build relationships with Israeli companies and startups. Here, Curiosity Lab learned more about EcoMotion 2023, after attending EcoMotion in 2022 as part of a delegation trip to Israel.

As part of the event, EcoMotion shared their ever growing Startup Map for their 2023 event. [Video]

CES 2023 was an incredible event for the Curiosity Lab team, filled with media briefings, meetings with over 20 startups and established companies, supporting partners and more. We are looking forward to seeing what 2023 will bring!