Curiosity Lab Partner Earns Top Award for Innovative Technology

Two men on a stage receiving an award

With a variety of innovative businesses stretching the halls of the Curiosity Lab here in Peachtree Corners, it’s no surprise that many of our partners are recipients of the top awards in their industries. Most recently, our partner and mobility safety pioneer Brodmann17 was honored with the Global Innovation Award at StartUp the Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo 2022 for Wing Camera AI, a wing mirror camera monitoring system.

Award-Winning Technology

Wing Camera AI uses Vision-AI, a proprietary object detection technology, to broaden a driver’s scope of view and reduce truck driver accidents. According to Brodmann17, statistics suggest more than seven out of 10 accidents in Europe between truck drivers and cyclists and pedestrians were due to blind spots in the driver’s viewpoint. Brodmann17 has created auto-alerts that are sent from the monitoring system directly to vehicle drivers for blind spot detection, safe turn assist and lane keeping assist.

This technology processes high field of view camera video images through compute-light deep learning AI algorithms to help drivers turn safely and broaden their fields of vision. The mirror system replaces the truck’s traditional rear and side-view mirrors to provide enhanced real-time visibility, analyze the driving environment and increase overall driver safety.

Revolutionizing Micro Mobility

Brodmann17’s revolutionary technology provides a multi-faceted solution to issues businesses are facing now, like driver accidents and budget restrictions. Brodmann17’s technology saves 95% of compute power. This huge savings in cost has brought AI to new verticals, like mass-market passenger vehicles, video telematics and micro mobility… further bringing safety to dashboards across the country.

Innovation in Action

Brodmann17 began successfully testing its state-of-the-art Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) technology throughout the Curiosity Lab’s 500-acre Technology Park last summer, and has since added their AI-driven safety systems to our autonomous test vehicles to further develop and prove its technology.

We are thrilled to partner with the Brodmann17 team and look forward to seeing how their technologies continue to develop! For more information on Brodmann17 and their incredible work, be sure to stop by the Curiosity Lab to see it in action or visit