Curiosity Lab Draws International Interest and Innovation to the Silicon Orchard

Interior of Curiosity Lab's Innovation Center

Interior of Curiosity Lab's Innovation Center

Beyond the smart city streets here in Silicon Orchard, the Curiosity Lab is bringing in companies from around the world to foster new smart city and intelligent mobility technologies. From tech developers to government-led trade entities, international companies are flocking to the Curiosity Lab to be part of an incredible community and revolutionize how we live and work in the future.

City Streets of the Future Attract World Class Innovation

The Curiosity Lab’s incubator and 1.5-mile autonomous vehicle test lane is a critical asset for international startups and technology innovators who are looking to test, analyze and deploy their technologies within a smart and connected city infrastructure. Companies, like the award-winning Brodmann17 and its Wing AI Camera, can leverage our unique smart city ecosystem to prove out their technologies and showcase real-world value these solutions will bring to communities across the globe.

On top of building technology, these companies are building businesses. The Curiosity Lab acts as an international launchpad and supports all international startup members through product development, market entry, and strategic partnerships, ensuring all are supported and developed throughout their time at the Curiosity Lab.

Building Community in the Heart of the Silicon Orchard

All international startups are provided with resources, accessibility and opportunities for education and collaboration. The Curiosity Lab’s extensive calendar of events offers a multi-faceted approach to engaging current and future international companies.

From Israel to Japan and beyond, our international partners join the Curiosity Lab and become part of a strong community of future-thinking creatives and innovators who support each other on their journeys to provide innovative technology to the residents of Peachtree Corners and beyond.

Explore Our Smart City Ecosystem

We are excited to continue expanding our partnerships and bringing innovation to the streets of Peachtree Corners through incredible relationships with our international friends and partners. If you’re interested in exploring our smart city ecosystem at Peachtree Corners, or want to learn more about our international partners, visit our website for more.