America’s First Real-World Smart City, Peachtree Corners, Partners with IPgallery to Manage All IoT Devices From One Intelligent Platform

PEACHTREE CORNERS, GA. – Sept. 2, 2020 – The City of Peachtree Corners – the nation’s first smart city environment powered by real-world infrastructure and next-generation connectivity – today announced its strategic collaboration with international technology innovator, IPgallery, to deploy an integrated, artificial intelligence-based smart city management system. A single platform, that may be operated from one central control room, delivers a holistic view of all IoT and smart devices.

Everything can and will be connected in the city of the future. With massive amounts of devices increasingly communicating with each other – and with intelligent infrastructure across a city – government entities have been working toward being able to take the massive amounts of data being generated by all devices, analyze that data and make quick decisions through actionable insights. IPgallery and the City of Peachtree Corners are delivering on that promise.

“We have data coming from a variety of devices and services across the city: from our smart parking sensors, our smart cameras, bus routes, traffic signals, environmental sensors, DSRC units in the roads to WiFi access points and everything in between,” said Brandon Branham, chief technology officer of Peachtree Corners. “Over time, even more parts of our city will become connected, so it’s absolutely critical to formulate this data into actionable insights that result in our leadership team making quick, data-driven decisions for the benefit of city operations, our residents and overall safety across the municipality. Our work with IPgallery allows us to do this from just one platform, in addition to allowing us to protect our larger ecosystem from the cyber threats of the future.”

One Platform. All Data. Any Smart City Connected Device.

• IPgallery’s AI/ML based program will allow the City of Peachtree Corners to leverage its intelligent connectivity and data points for visualization, as well as formulate decisions based on information and events coming from all connected devices across the smart city environment.

• The collaboration will focus on the effects of changes in certain areas – and the impact of those changes to different areas of the city.

o When a crowd gathers in one area and puts more demand on the transit systems, can the city react quickly enough to meet this demand?

o Are cities updating their digital messaging boards when changes in their WiFi counts go up significantly? These are just small examples of how advanced IoT management systems translate into real-world scenarios.

o What actions are to be taken by the city, in case of an emergency, to get life back to normal as soon as possible – ultimately taking care of the wellbeing and safety of citizens?

“We have been working diligently to help cities across the world unlock the value of their data, visualize current and predictive statuses and make “smart” decisions, using our AI/ML software,” says Avihai Degani, co-founder and CEO of IPgallery. “Partnering with Peachtree Corners, one of the first true smart cities in the United States, gives us an extraordinary opportunity to test our real-time and streaming analytics with cutting-edge technology and with new intelligent connectivity, including edge compute and a live 5G environment. At the Curiosity Lab and the city overall, we have a unique opportunity to enrich our functionality through operation with real-world use cases and connected devices, such as smart traffic signals, cameras, bus routes and e-scooters. The key is to turn all of this data that comes from these devices into actionable insights, leading the way toward smarter communities.”

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About the City of Peachtree Corners, Georgia

Situated alongside the Chattahoochee River and at the southwest corner of Gwinnett County in the metro Atlanta area, Peachtree Corners, Georgia is a vibrant municipality that’s home to more than 40,000 residents and an innovation hub that houses some of the world’s most disruptive technology companies. As the United States’ premiere smart city powered by real world connected infrastructure Peachtree Corners serves as the model for how government and private industry can better collaborate to create a better future for society and business. From the world’s first fleet of teleoperated e-scooters deployed, a fully autonomous shuttle utilized by actual residents, a solar roadway to the largest electric vehicle charging hub in the region, Peachtree Corners is where the most future forward Internet of Things (IoT) and sustainable technologies come to life for the benefit of its people, and the world.

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About Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners

Curiosity Lab is a 5G enabled autonomous vehicle and smart city living laboratory located in Peachtree Corners, Georgia, a northern suburb of Atlanta and the first true smart city ecosystem in the United States. The centerpiece of the lab is a 1.5 mile test and demo track which provides a real world environment to explore emerging technologies. Additional infrastructure includes a network operations center, smart poles, DSRC units, dedicated fiber and a 25,000 square foot tech incubator. Additional information can be found at

About IPgallery

IPgallery delivers holistic, modular, integrative, IoT-based, value-added Smart City and Urban Mobility services and solutions for CSPs, enterprises, governments and cities. IPgallery’s solutions include systems that make cities resilient, safe, sustainable and livable. Supported domains are transportation and urban mobility, air and water quality, environment/power and energy.

The company’s technology uses an architecture that combines emerging technologies such as AI /ML, mapping technologies, mission-critical logic systems, social media, real-time data intelligence, big data analytics, predictive technologies and new edge-cloud topology.

Solutions are platform based, and as such enable the company to customize and tailor solutions to address specific cities’ challenges, as well as comply with the specific requests as defined by the mayors of each city and stakeholders.

The company leverages these emerging technologies with existing ones to help cities meet daily, expected or unexpected, and emergency undertakings, by allowing all involved citizens, authorities and agencies to perform efficiently and collaboratively.


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