Nordic Business Roundtable Held at Curiosity to Kickoff New Partnership with the Nordic Business Council

A group of people posing inside the Innovation Center.

We are excited to share our international relationships continue to grow and thrive. In May, the Nordic Business Council USA announced they have found a new home in the thriving innovation hub of Silicon Orchard at Curiosity Lab. This council works to drive United States and Nordic cooperation and relations to share valuable insights to help power businesses, governments, organizations and institutions. The Nordic Business Council is well aligned with our goals and values of helping startups and established businesses succeed. This partnership was celebrated with the Nordic Business Roundtable event, which brought together leaders and entrepreneurs from both Nordic businesses and the local community to explore the immense potential of this collaboration. The Curiosity Lab team is excited to support the Nordic community in further establishing its presence in the United States.

The partnership with the Nordic Business Council brings another international presence into our ecosystem. By welcoming the Nordic community, Curiosity Lab will expand its network, and build additional international relationships to exchange knowledge and identify additional smart city solutions to deploy in our smart city to improve the everyday lives of residents. This partnership is also a strong economic development opportunity for both parties, as it encourages both groups to support one another in business and product development, launching Nordic businesses into the U.S. market, and more.

Nordic businesses are widely recognized for their commitment to sustainability, innovation and technological advancements, and these specialties are among the many reasons that Curiosity Lab is excited to welcome Nordic businesses into the Curiosity Lab ecosystem. Through this partnership, Nordic businesses will be welcomed into the Curiosity Lab ecosystem and will have access to cutting-edge technology, research facilities and state-of-the-art infrastructure to develop and can test their products and services in a dynamic environment. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to leverage the expertise of industry experts and gain exposure to a wider market through the existing network of entrepreneurs and investors associated with the lab. As the Nordic community stands as the 11th largest economy in the world, the Curiosity Lab team is excited to witness all they will accomplish through this partnership. The lab’s nurturing environment will empower Nordic companies to accelerate their growth, access mentorship programs and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds.

A man giving a group of people a tour of the Innovation Center.

Kicking off the partnership, the Nordic Business Roundtable event served as a platform for networking, knowledge sharing and fostering new connections. It was a remarkable opportunity for attendees to witness firsthand the innovative spirit that defines both the Nordic business ecosystem and the Curiosity Lab. In addition to the networking opportunities at the event, a VIP luncheon was provided for U.S. and Nordic business leaders, government officials and academia. Topics discussed included transatlantic trade, technology and security partnerships. Both Seth Yurman, Peachtree Corners Assistant City Manager and Jennifer Howard, Peachtree Corners Public Relations Representative, presented at the roundtable event. Attendees were also given a full tour of our facility to learn more about our solutions, partners and in-house startups and established companies.

A group of people posing inside the Innovation Center.

This new partnership is a testament to the power of connecting global entrepreneurial ecosystems. Curiosity Lab was founded upon the basis of economic development and continues to thrive on this concept today. This partnership with the Nordic Business Council supports Curiosity Lab’s founding mission, uniting both entities in their shared goals. As the partnership flourishes, we eagerly anticipate the transformative ideas, groundbreaking solutions and collaborative endeavors that will emerge from the fusion of the Nordics Business Council USA and the vibrant ecosystem at Curiosity Lab. Together, we are poised to create a powerful force for positive change in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship.