Neighbor News – Siemens Installs Scalable EV Charging Platform at Peachtree Corners Research & Develop Hub

The electric vehicle ecosystem in Peachtree Corners keeps growing. The latest addition in the city comes from Curiosity Lab’s neighbor Siemens, which has unveiled a sustainable, electric vehicle (EV) charging structure designed for electrifying fleets and high demand charging applications at scale.

Siemens created the concept to electrify new or existing parking lots and building structures quickly and efficiently by using a modular, scalable design. The solution, which resembles a modern-day fueling station, was developed in late 2021, and then installed in only three days at Siemens’ research and development hub for Electrical Products and eMobility solutions in Peachtree Corners.

“The massive growth of electric mobility requires an easy and rapid expansion of a reliable and sustainable charging infrastructure,” said Markus Mildner, CEO of eMobility at Siemens Smart Infrastructure. “This specific concept shows how Siemens and its partners are working on new, innovative ideas to help support this growth in the U.S. market. Working closely with partners globally to meet local needs is very important to us and this cooperation embodies that spirit.”

The City of Peachtree Corners and Curiosity Lab  also are committed to expanding access to sustainable energy solutions. According to Business Insider, even with 1.8 million battery-powered cars already on U.S. roads, there are only about 100,000 charging plugs for them at around 41,000 public station locations.

To help solve this issue, over the last few years, we have unveiled a solar roadway system that powers an EV charging station in front of City Hall and developed an electric-vehicle charging plaza at Town Center. Additionally, Curiosity Lab’s Innovation Garage can power electric vehicles being tested at the Lab.

“As more electric vehicles – both commercial and consumer – hit the roads, it is vital that cities and businesses work together to address the growing demand for easily scalable public and private charging stations,” said Brandon Branham, chief technology officer and assistant city manager of Peachtree Corners. “The City of Peachtree Corners – both at Curiosity Lab and at our resident businesses – will continue to serve as a beacon for electric vehicle & charging innovation, and we invite companies working in this space to partner with us to test next generation sustainable energy solutions.”

Curiosity Lab includes a 5G-enabled three-mile autonomous vehicle test track and smart city laboratory within an existing 500-acre technology park where thousands of people and vehicles interact with the track and its technology every day. Testing Infrastructure is open to all technology companies from early stage startups to Fortune 500.

There is no cost to test. Read more about Curiosity Lab’s real-world testing environment here.