National Innovation Day: Curiosity Lab Rooted in Innovation

Test track in Curiosity Lab.

Today marks National Innovation Day, a day near and dear to Curiosity Lab’s heart. Innovation Day is celebrated to “recognize the role that new knowledge plays in making a country more advanced,” and encourages future generations to explore technology and take steps toward careers in innovation.

At Curiosity Lab, we are always curious and always innovating. Our roots are solidified in innovation, from our Technology Park founder Paul Duke, to the invention of the modem and colored printer in Technology Park, to today’s various smart city technologies deployed across our city street of the future. Each piece of the Curiosity Lab puzzle plays a huge part in continuing innovation, day in and day out, to make our city safer, more efficient and to improve the everyday lives of our residents.

Test track in Curiosity Lab.

How have we maintained this long standing tradition of honoring innovation throughout our community of Peachtree Corners? The Silicon Orchard, sitting directly outside of metro Atlanta, consistently brings bright minds and talent to our community through our Curiosity Lab ecosystem, our startup programs and partners, by deploying cutting edge technologies and more. This not only fuels our local economy by attracting daily activity and enticing major companies to move their headquarters to Peachtree Corners, but allows our residents to experience the latest technologies in their everyday lives, seamlessly integrating innovation.

With a passion for innovation, the City of Peachtree Corners has been quickly recognized as one of the most innovative cities in the country and as a leading smart city. Setting the blueprint for how to create a smart city through public-private partnerships in the U.S., our city leadership recognizes the importance of continuous innovation. In many ways, the city leadership acts as a startup within themselves by responding quickly and being extremely hands on with new technologies with little to no bureaucracy. This in itself breaks the mold for how municipalities handle introducing new technologies to the public. Peachtree Corners city leadership not only welcomes innovation, but searches for it- they are consistently looking for the next big idea that can be tested in our living lab to change residents’ everyday lives for the better. This has led the City of Peachtree Corners and Curiosity Lab to deploy multiple firsts in the world of smart cities and technology innovation.

This year for National Innovation Day, we would like to recognize the innovators who established Curiosity Lab and helped us to develop into the organization we are today. Thank you to our city leadership, partners, startups and team members who continue to help us maintain the long standing tradition of innovation in Peachtree Corners. We are looking forward to continuing this tradition in 2023, and cannot wait to see how far our lab has come when we revisit Innovation Day in 2024.