International Company, i-charging, Finds a Home in the City of Peachtree Corners

A graphical user interface.

As the state of electric vehicles continues to evolve, it’s imperative that the way they’re charged keeps up at the same pace. However, that’s not fully the case across the industry. Cities and households across the country are running into issues of slow charges, outdated software and unreliable technology. But companies, like i-charging, have developed fast charging EV battery solutions that are paving the way for EV batteries to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of electric mobility and offer scalable power output.  

Portugal-Based Startup Levels Up Charging Capabilities 

i-charging, a Portugal-based startup and one of our International Launchpad members, is changing the way the communities charge their EV’s with its fast charging, scalable EV battery solutions. These charging stations range from 50-600 kW with an output up to 1000 V, making them an ideal solution to current EV charging woes.  

Its blueberry charging technology is the latest concept from i-charging, allowing multiple simultaneous EV charges at a time. The DC charger optimizes energy consumption and the uptime of the charger. It also features a scalable architecture, providing customers with the flexibility needed to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. It is available to customers in three ways:

A graphical user interface.

Leveraging International Startup Community in Peachtree Corners 

The company has its global headquarters in Portugal, with its American home base being right here in the Silicon Orchard. i-charging joined the Curiosity Lab as an International Launchpad member in 2020, allowing the company to eventually test, deploy and analyze its charging solutions in a real-world smart city environment. Currently, i-charging has a 600-lb demo unit at the Curiosity Lab where guests are able to learn more about their solutions and take a peek inside the charger. 

The Curiosity Lab’s International Launchpad is an incredible community of innovators from companies across the globe who are utilizing the incredible resources here in the City of Peachtree Corners to test and deploy. Currently, there are 10 companies who are members. 

Visit i-charging’s website to learn more about their fast charging battery solutions. Or come on down to the Curiosity Lab for a tour – let us show you how we’re working with companies, both on a national and global scale, to transform the way communities connect.