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Take a look at our Innovation Center at Curiosity Lab!

Come grow with us.

We are looking for tech startups of all stages working on:

    • > Smart City
    • > Mobility
    • >Internet of Things (IoT)

Our 25,000 square foot innovation center is home to innovators of all sizes. From private offices to open or dedicated seating, our goal is to connect people working on cutting edge technologies to one another and to opportunities to accelerate your growth. We are located withing a 500 acre tech park so if your space needs are more substantial, we can still help.


Resident member benefits include:

    • > Priority access to all testing infrastructure & onsite video conferencing facilities
    • > Flexible office space which scales with your company needs
    • > Facilitated introductions to investors and potential customers
    • > Design and prototyping lab, including three 3D printers and bench space
    • > Free access to test on 5G including SME support
    • > Opportunity to enroll in Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC at Georgia Tech) startup classes on site and in midtown – Overview of Workshop Classes – Curiosity Lab is a regional affiliate of ATDC
    • > 24/7 keycard access to our secured 25,000 sq. ft. innovation center, including EV stations and free parking
    • > Complimentary use of adjacent autonomous vehicle and smart city testing facilities


Whether you need to manage cost, infrastructure capacity, and agility of resources or simply improve latency and performance issues, OVHcloud offers a wide-range of cloud solutions to best fit your startup.

Affordable Freedom Ecosystem
Free credits, transparent pricing and savings that improve your price/performance ratio. Non-binding, open-standard technology ensures reversibility and interoperability. The vision of our founder, Octave Klaba, is fundamental to our fast-paced, but collaborative ecosystem, which you can be a part of!

12-month program to accelerate your growth:

      • > Up to $5,000 of free tech credits to use on our cloud solutions
      • > Up to 6 hours of project-specific technical support to help you build your infrastructure
      • > Dedicated business ambassador in your locality to support your growth through the entire customer journey
      • > Possibility to be upgraded to scale level depending on your growth

Peer-to-peer community:

      • > Introduction to the OVHcloud startup community
      • > Invitation to OVHcloud and our partners’ events
      • > Your brand exposure on social media

An active ecosystem of partners:

      • > OVHcloud acts as a facilitator, within an active ecosystem of partners, helping you to grow with confidence
      • > Training and mentorship from our partners in different localities
      • > Business development through our global alumni community
OVH Cloud logo.


A collaboration between Georgia Tech, T-Mobile & Curiosity Lab intended to rapidly scale high potential startups leveraging the power of 5G.

Come Grow With Us

Who Should Apply?

Early stage startups, regardless of current location, who have not yet achieved $1M in recurring revenue or secured series A funding. You do NOT need to be based in Georgia to apply.

Why Apply?

Three diverse startup partners 100% focused on helping you grow

    • > Curated access to startup coaches & a more than 40 person team at Georgia Tech dedicated to helping with everything from product development to business models to preparing for investor meetings.
    • > Learn how 5G is changing the industry and innovating new use cases.  Gain access to T-Mobile’s 5G network and technical resources at Curiosity Lab (based on eligibility).
    • > Free access to more than $6M in smart city infrastructure at Curiosity Lab including a 25,000 foot Innovation Center home to Fortune 100 innovators & other tech partners

What to Expect

    • > Dedicated senior executive to serve as your advocate and concierge to help identify your startups strengths & weaknesses and to plug you in to the best resources to meet your short and long term needs.
    • > Regular coaching sessions, honest feedback & homework.
    • > Access to people & places within the extensive networks of all three organizations which may include opportunities to demo, paid pilots, investor meetings, introductions to prospective customers and potential partners.
    • > Public and private events to advance your technical knowledge & to make connections.


    • > Rolling admissions.

Apply when you are ready to rapidly accelerate growth and to work even harder.

To learn more schedule office hours with Bob Siegel, the ATDC Connected Future Catalyst.


Not located in Atlanta? Not a problem. Tech companies from around the world test, demo and deploy new technologies at Curiosity Lab. We accommodate companies in stealth mode as well as companies who want to maximize media exposure. Explore available infrastructure:

Testing member benefits include:

    • > Free access to test on 5G including SME support
    • > Access for up to 30 days to our secured 25,000 sq. ft. innovation center
    • > Complimentary use of adjacent autonomous vehicle and smart city testing facilities

Curious about testing? Tell us in 140 characters or less what infrastructure is of interest and why.

AV track in Curiosity Lab with signage.